If your dream is to become a commercial pilot, then Asia Aviation can help you

Asia Aviation is placing together groups of people that will attend a Commercial Pilot Training Course in Montreal Canada.
Over the past 10 years, Asia Aviation helped over 500 Chinese pilots earned their CPL rating.
The training includes:
Private Pilot License (PPL)
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
Multi-Engine Rating (ME)
Instrument Rating (IR).
Students are expected to spend 12 months in Canada. The cost is described in the training package.
The training is done in English. Therefore, the students must meet a minimum English level. The level should be TOEFL of about 500.
Student must also meet the minimum health standard. Student will have to go through a medical check before going to Canada.

9 King Air B100 and B200,
5 Piper Aztec,
10 Cessna 172,
21 Cessna 150/152,

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